Building bridges for innovation and international cooperation

A top issue for German SMEs

The German economy is known for a solid export surplus and numerous small and medium enterprises (SME) creating the lion’s share of our gross domestic product (GDP). Everything is home and dry? No reason to worry? Internationalization – no issue?

Not really! German SMEs are threatened by several pain points, such as the digitalization of products, services and processes which imply very often the need for restructuring and innovation throughout the whole company, followed by a severe lack of experts. Not to forget the impact of globalized markets on procurement, cooperation and selling, where internationalization means to go beyond Austria, Switzerland and the EU. And finally, at least each fourth German SME has to cope with corporate succession, because the owners and CEOs are already in their early 70s.

What to do?

SMEs must take the bull by the horns and open themselves for innovation and internationalization. Especially international cooperation and expert recruiting, i.e. multinational and multicultural teaming, are crucial to catch-up with innovation and globalized markets and – maybe – to find partners for corporate succession too.

International, interdisciplinary and multicultural startups show that this approach works better. They are usually much more successful and innovative then teams from just one nationality or one profession. Open minds, tolerance and respect among the team members are important elements for their success.

Subsequently, we must build bridges between young experts and startups, wherever they are, with SMEs in Germany and vice-versa. We must move from competition to international and multicultural cooperation and finally join efforts to improve creativity for the benefit of our economies and for tolerance and respect.

We want to discuss our ideas with you and start building the bridges pragmatically! Therefore, the KMU-Forum Berlin invites you for a fireside talk on the 22nd of March 2018 at the showrooms of Bene Office Furniture on the 2nd floor of the famous Bikini-Haus, Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin.

Our Agenda (5 – 8.30pm):

  • Welcome of the participants
  • Introduction to the “KMU-Forum in Berlin”
  • Short introduction of the participants
  • German SMEs – Catch22 between filled order books and modernization backlog
  • INAM the Innovation Network of Advanced Materials – A new way to promote international high-tech Startups
  • Discussion, ideas, outlook, networking and finger-food

You will be guided through the program by Mrs. Manuela Faber (KMU-Forum in Berlin and Key Account Manager at Creditreform Berlin-Brandenburg Wolfram KG).

Please note, that this event is available on personal invitation only and held in English language!

Notwithstanding, if you are interested please feel free to send a mail to:

Your KMU-Forum Berlin