Strategic networking versus local event-hopping

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28th of September 2017. The KMU-Forum invited for another casual business-breakfast at the Hotel Auberge, this time on the topic “Strategic networking versus local event-hopping”.

Michael Herzog, Head of Sales and spokesman at Creditreform Berlin Brandenburg Wolfram KG, gave exciting insights to his long-year business experiences, shared useful background infos about networks and network types and inspired the participants with some funny anecdotes from his networking life.

Michael stands for the provocative position, that the majority of the “networkers” primarily focusses on order acquisition. “Thus, networks are reduced to an one- dimensional level which is valued solely by won contracts.” he says, “This approach won’t work!”.

Another issue for discussion were social media. Is it true, that pure social-media channeling is useless today?

Yes, some networking-gurus say….No! says Michael Herzog! “Social media is a crucial element of networking and offers numerous opportunities. Use your existing contacts, connect them and foster the chance to be recommended. Concrete value-adds for your target group, both with content and recommendations, makes you a valuable networking-partner.”

Other issues on our agenda this morning were strategy and sustainable relation management. “There are many ways to stay in touch at a low effort. Depending on the network, you could spread corporate news or invite for an expert-lunch-break. Always highly appreciated are birthday greetings or congrats for to a new position. But over all it’s most important to decide for the strategy at the very beginning. With no plan and target you’ll get lost in the grid.

Following to the 2-hour workshop part all participants took the opportunity for animated discussions and – of course – networking.

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