About the Forum

Higher! Farther! Faster! Visions and trends in the small firm sector.

Small and medium, as well as crafts enterprises today are concerned in their daily business by 4 top-issues, to which the KMU-Forum Berlin refers to:

Digitalization: This topic commences on and concerns almost each and every enterprise in all branches now. But how does it change the value chains of your company? How ticks your digital customer? And which measures are needed to make your own business processes more efficient and resource saving?

Internationalization: Business abroad becomes more and more important for German "Mittelstand". To stand the international competition many small and medium enterprises (SME) expand worldwide meanwhile. But which hurdles have to be considered? How to establish yourself on international markets at the long run?

Innovation: Each day an enterprise faces many challenges. Markets change with frightening speed und suppliers must reinvent their products again and again. But how does innovation work? And how to discover niches very early?

Corporate succession: This is another problem which occurs at least in Germany but across Europe too. There is not many junior staff around, willing to take over. But where to find suited junior partners right in time? Any opportunity for startups to hook onto this topic?

The forum is an initiative of Manuela Faber, Key Account Manager at Creditreform Berlin Brandenburg Wolfram GmbH & Co. KG and Klaus Krause, CEO of the consulting company Krause3PM. Soon the international law/tax firm CMS Hasche Sigle and the financial service supplier MLP joined and we established the KMU-Forum Berlin.

In May 2020 the Beuth University of Applied Sciences and the Beuth Transfer Office joined the Forum. Together we offer focused workshops and discussions rounds in step with actual practice and efficient professional networking.

Be invited to meet and get to know us. Join our events, let's get into conversations and develop your own individual strategy from it, to cope with these four pain points successfully. Rely on trustful relations, our long-year hands-on experience and the reliable advice and support of our experts.

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